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Event-driven Lightweight Distilled StateCharts-based Agents Methodology

Project Partners

  • Plasma GroupProf. Giancarlo Fortino Department of Electronics, Informatics, and Systems (DEIS), University of Calabria

Contact us

For any questions or comments, please send an email to Giancarlo Fortino at g(dot)fortino(at)unical(dot)it.

The ELDAMeth Team

  • Giancarlo FortinoAssociate Professor (University of Calabria, Italy), Website - g(dot)fortino(at)unical(dot)it

    Supervisor of the Plasma Research Group (Department of Electronics, Informatics, and Systems - University of Calabria) and CEO of SenSysCal S.r.l. He is also Guest Professor at Wuhan University of Technology (China) and IEEE Senior Member. His research interests include distributed computing, wireless sensor networks, multimedia systems, agent-oriented computing, applied software engineering, and networks.
  • Wilma RussoProfessor (University of Calabria, Italy), w(dot)russo(at)unical(dot)it

    She is a Full Professor of Computer Science at the Department of Electronics, Informatics and Systems (DEIS). Her current research interests are mainly focused on parallel and distributed computing and systems, agent oriented software engineering, agent based modelling and simulation, internet computing and content distribution networks.
  • Francesco RangoResearch Fellow (University of Calabria, Italy), frango(at)deis(dot)unical(dot)it

    He received the master degree in computer engineering from the University of Calabria, Italy, in 2009. He is currently Research Fellow at DEIS. His research interests are focused on programming methods for agent-oriented technology and systems.


Massimo Cossentino (ICAR-CNR, Palermo, Italy), Alfredo Garro (University of Calabria, Italy).

Internal ELDAMeth Alumni

Samuele Mascillaro, Giuseppe Mazzitelli, Marino Vaccaro.